Saturday, 2 November 2019

November Calendar Picture

Hello everyone!

It's November already and here I am, with the picture for this month.

This time the picture seems to illustrate a very glamorous fashion show! Those dresses sure are fancy and elegant, truly gorgeous! What's even better, they're fan-made! 
Last year, Epoch organised a Fashion Design Contest for their 60-year anniversary in Japan. I believe the ones in this month's picture are some of the entries. More information and pictures here in Sylvanian Families Specialty Store's webpage:
Everyone who participated is so amazingly talented!
We already knew Stella Chocolate was a fashion designer, but she's apparently not afraid of modeling as well! Her friends Lulu Golightly and Laura Cakebread are also here with her.

I was going to say that Freya or Crème are not here this time, but I see several Chocolate rabbits on the audience, so one of them might easily be Freya!
(Sorry about the reflections on the picture, it's because of the way the calendar paper slightly folds on my wall. It's easier to see this month because the picture is darker than usual). 

Hope you have a wonderful month of November!