Thursday, 14 February 2019

Secret Admirer / Valentine's Day

Hi everyone!

The third creativity/crafting challenge of the year was posted in the Sylvanian Families Collectors Community forum by admin Terra:

Challenge #3: Secret Admirer / Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and many Sylvanians are preparing cards, treats, gifts, and outings to celebrate with their long-time partners and spouses.

Other Sylvanians may find that they have a mystery to solve! Perhaps they might find a friendly note in the post, signed “your secret admirer” or receive a bouquet of flowers with no indication of who the sender is. They may arrive at the bakery, and find that their tea and cake has already been paid for. The secret admirer is possibly someone that they never would have guessed - or it could be their crush! Will the Secret Admirer’s identity be discovered? Will their feelings be returned? Tell us all about it for our first challenge of February!

If the “Secret Admirer” theme isn’t inspiring you, please feel free to create any sort of Valentine’s Day related project.

Make an item or items, photograph a scene, write a story, or do whatever inspires you to create a project around the Secret Admirer / Valentine’s Day theme! 

I once again photographed some separate scenes of what's happening in Arcfield:

On the morning of Valentine's Day, when Annabelle McFarlane went to pick up the mail, she found a curious card with the normal correspondence. She was very surprised to see that it was addressed to her!


She went to her bedroom to read it. It contained a sweet love message, but the person who sent it hadn't signed it! It was from a secret admirer! Who could it be from...? :D 

Looks like Rick Andes, the village's doctor, has made a stop or two in his rounds to get a gift and a card for his wife! I wonder what it could be? This would come as a surprise to no one in the village, as Rick and Ariadna are a very loving couple, not afraid of showing their affection for each other in public!

The Chocolate Rabbit's Chocolaterie is very popular on Valentine's Day! Looks like Anthony and Carmela Spinelli are having some sweet treats together. Carmela's very amused at the fact that her husband would take her out to eat sweets instead of for a formal lunch or dinner, but then again, Anthony is most definitely a child at heart!

Seems like Teri has made a special strawberry cake for Valentine's Day! The Hunter-Smyths are taking a look at what the shop has to offer.

When the day finally ends, the Chocolates have been working and baking all day and feel quite exhausted. However, Teri surprises her husband Frasier with a very special, heart-shaped chocolate cake that she made just for him!

I didn't do much crafting for this challenge, I only printed the little cards, glued them to cardstock and cut them. :)
Hope you liked the pictures!