Monday, January 28, 2019

Winter Breakfast

Hi everyone!

The second creativity/crafting challenge of the year was posted in the Sylvanian Families Collectors Community forum by admin Terra:

Challenge #2: Winter Breakfast

Sylvania is a busy place, and all too often Sylvanians find themselves rushing through the first meal of the day. But, when a Snow Day is declared in the forest, everyone has a bit more time in the morning. Sylvanians may find themselves making an elaborate breakfast, attempting a challenging bake, or making an expedition to see whether a bakery is open in order to purchase some special treats. They might enjoy a lazy breakfast with friends and family or be more rushed than ever to get outside and enjoy the snow! Maybe your Sylvanians are determined to cook outside no matter the weather or perhaps they might have a lie in and eat breakfast at noon. Show us what a winter breakfast is like for your Sylvanians!

Make an item or items, photograph a scene, write a story, or do whatever inspires you to create a project around the Winter Breakfast theme!

And here's my entry!

Teri Chocolate had a busy day ahead, so when it was announced that it was a Snow Day and that the children would be staying home, she only had time to whip up some quick cereal for breakfast! She buys many differents kinds, as each of her children likes different brands!

Fliss Robinson, however, loves cooking and baking, so when she found out that her daughters would be staying home, she took out her most colourful dishes and prepared all kinds of sweets, cookies and treats! Looks like a party! There's a condition though, everyone has to eat one or two slices of healthy apples and not only sweets!

The Andes Alpaca family members are also having a busy morning in the kitchen in this cold snowy day! Their breakfast is quite healthy though, with quite a bit of fruit, though it looks like Fiorella convinced her parents to have pudding, her favourite!

Would you like a slice of delicious rye bread? The one Carmela Spinelli, the Hedgehog mother makes, is the best, and it's great with butter!

For this challenge, I made the cereal boxes from some of these printables:

And the bread, by following this tutorial: ... Bread.html

I'm not very good at crafting, but I'm trying to start making some small things and doing what I can, and most importantly, having fun!

Hope you liked the pictures!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Sylvanian Families 2019 Calendar and January's picture!

Hi everyone!

I'm happy to report that my 2019 SF Calendar arrived! :D

I love it! The images are colourful and vibrant, the paper is glossy and of great quality, and it even tells you the birthdays of the Sylvanians! :)

The image I posted above is the "cover" of the Calendar. Our dear Chocolate Rabbits can be seen surrounded by beautiful greenery, trees and flowers, with a house in the style of the newer releases on the back.

In past years, both Emily (Dandelion Creek) and Cutata (My Sylvanian Paradise) have done monthly posts showing the pictures for each month of the Calendar. Cutata told me that she didn't mind if I did it this year, so I'll be happy to! :)

This is the picture for January. This seems like it might be the inside of the new supermarket. I love the picture, it's very colourful and I can almost hear the noise everyone must be making in this busy place! It seems like there's some food to taste test as well. Those babies are adorable. I love those pizzas from the new pizzeria release, that you can use to pose the figures so that it looks like they're picking up a slice. 
Also, I remember Emily mentioning that Freya and her little sister Crème tend to appear in almost every picture of the calendar, so I thought it'd be fun to count in how many pictures they appear this year, haha. :D We have Freya this month, but no Crème! Instead we can see Frasier, Freya's father, at the back.
Here you can see what the actual calendar part looks like.

As you can see, if was Andre Wooly's birthday on January 8, and Cedric Walnut's will be on January 29. The text is written in Japanese, but thankfully there's a picture!

I think the calendar is adorable and I'm very happy to have it. I hung it next to the table where I work and I love looking at it from time to time. :)

Hope you have a great week!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Snow Day!

Hello everyone!

This year, on the Sylvanian Families Collectors Community forum there is once again a bi-weekly creativity/crafting challenge. I didn't participate at all last year, but I really enjoyed looking at everyone's entries, so this time I thought I'd give it a try!

Challenge number 1's theme was "Snow Day". Description written by Terra, forum admin and challenge organiser this time around:

"Wintertime has come to the forest, bringing the first snowfall of of the new year. There’s been so much snow that the shops are closed and Aristotle Treefellow has cancelled school for the day! It’s a Snow Day in Sylvania, which means an unexpected holiday! Time for sledding, building snow Sylvanians, snowball fights, or maybe a cosy day indoors.

Make an item or items, photograph a scene, write a story, or do whatever inspires you to create a project around the Snow Day theme!" 

As for my contribution to the challenge, I thought I'd show what's going on in Arcfield during the Snow Day:
Since their mother won't let them go out and play with the snow, the Chocolate siblings are playing a board game. Coco is frustrated, as Freya keeps cheating and Crème doesn't really understand the rules. They're bickering and making quite the ruckus! :D

I made the Monopoly board myself using this tutorial: ... poly-game/

It even folds, like a real one! :)

A close-up!

Mrs Elizabeth McFarlane is getting ready to enjoy a book by the lit fireplace.

Her daughter Annabelle is upstairs on her room, writing a story!

In the Robinsons' household, Fliss and her daughters have been baking all morning! Well, little Cali is more of a taste tester! :D
"You can't eat those yet, Cali!".

The Spinelli siblings, Silvio and Livia, had been paying company to their mother on the bakery, but they snuck out to make a huge snowball! They must go back inside quickly though, or they'll catch a cold!

Hope you liked my pictures. :)
Do not hesitate to visit the forum and look at everyone's wonderful entries! 

Friday, January 11, 2019

Beechwood Hall House Tour

Hello everyone!
Happy New Year! :) I hope you all had wonderful holidays with your family and loved ones.

This new year I'm excited because I got the SF Calendar! I have wanted it since last year, and yesterday I finally decided to buy it. Looking forward to receiving it!

For my first post of the year, I'd like to show you how I decorated my Beechwood Hall building.
This building is special for me because my boyfriend got it for me for my birthday in 2017, and it was what made me start collecting seriously. If he hadn't bought it for me, I would probably still be admiring Sylvanians from afar, never really starting my collection.

In my village of Arcfield, this beautiful house is home to the McFarlane Bear Family, and thus, the mayor's house! I imagine it over a tall cliff, overseeing the ocean on one side and the rest of the village on the other. :) 
It really bothers me that you can see my bedroom walls in these pictures! Please use your imagination to see the beautiful blue sky and green fields that should be there in the background! :D

As you can imagine, I love dollhouses and tiny furniture, and decorating and furnishing them is one of my favourite parts of this hobby.  
Without further ado, here are the pictures!


The entrance and garden. Mrs Elizabeth McFarlane has quite the green thumb, and this is her favourite place of the house!

 Living room.

Dining room.


Master bedroom (little Albie's cot is just out of the picture, near the railing. You can see it in the overview pictures. :)).


Little Annabelle's bedroom.

The balcony accesible from Annabelle's bedroom. You can see more of Elizabeth's plants, and Nicholas' telescope and planisphere!

Hope you liked the house and the pictures! :)