Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Nursery party

Hi everyone!

This fortnight's challenge prompt in the Sylvanian Families Collectors Community was:

Challenge #12: New Babies

What's the one thing that brings Sylvanians more joy and excitement than new friends and neighbors? New babies! The littlest Sylvanians are sweet and cuddly, but they also have their own adventures, and some are a bit mischievous as well!

Make an item or items, photograph a scene, write a story, or do whatever inspires you to create a project around the New Baby theme!  

Just a small contribution this time as I will be travelling this week. :)
As there's no new babies in Arcfield for now, I created a scene of a nursery party to welcome the new babies in town, the Hunter-Smyth triplets (which works nicely with my story for the previous challenge):

Gerard, Thomas and Georgina are very happy to be the center of attention! You can't see it clearly, but Georgina is standing on the table. Seems like they still have that bad habit of theirs of climbing tables! :D I'm afraid that she'll fall face first on the cake!

I hope you like this little scene. It was fun to set up.

Have a great rest of the week!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

New Neighbours

 Hi everyone!

This fortnight's challenge prompt in the Sylvanian Families Collectors Community was:

Challenge #11: New Neighbors

Few things bring more excitement to a Sylvanian village than the arrival of new residents! A new family means the potential for new friends, the opportunity to learn something new from Sylvanians from far away, or even the possibility of a rivalry developing.

For the newest villagers, there are all sorts of situations to sort out: the safety of their furniture and personal items, sadness at leaving an old home behind, excitement for what the future holds, and new homes, customs, friends, schools and jobs to adjust to.

Make an item or items, photograph a scene, write a story, or do whatever inspires you to create a project around the New Neighbors theme! 

I chose to write a short story featuring the Hunter-Smyths, who have just recently moved into Arcfield. In it I will be showing how they're adjusting to life in the village. Hope you enjoy it!


As she stood right next to the door of the Hunter-Smyth's home, Ariadna Andes hesitated. Camilla Hunter-Smyth had called her at her phone and asked her to come over, but Ariadna wasn't sure exactly why, as they barely knew each other. Camilla and her family seemed nice enough, but they had just very recently moved into the village from the big city, and Ariadna was feeling a bit apprehensive. They were obviously a wealthy, elegant, high-class family, and she felt quite self-conscious visiting their home. She was also worried that Camilla would be stuck up; Ariadna was quite shy and not very assertive, she wasn't sure how she would deal with the situation if things became disagreeable. After fretting for just a while longer, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

When Camilla opened it, her huge and honest smile made her realise that, once again, she had been worrying over nothing.

"Ariadna! Oh, I'm so happy you could make it! Do come inside please, make yourself at home, I'll bring us something to drink".

It turned out that Camilla was a fan of Ariadna's clothing designs and wanted her opinion on the wallpaper she should choose for the shoe and accessory shop she was planning to open in Arcfield! She trusted that with her knowledge and mastery of colour and form, Ariadna would help her make the correct choice for what she had envisioned for her store. Ariadna was so honoured! She could feel herself blushing at the sincere and heartfelt praise Camilla had for her skills and designs. And the best part of it all was that, as their conversation eventually became small talk, she felt quite at ease in her company, which was no small feat for her, who usually only felt confident around her family. They had fun speaking about the mischief their youngest children got up to, and ended up the evening planning to meet another day, not only to talk more about the shop, but to relax and have fun together as well! Ariadna went home feeling quite happy at having made a new friend.

As for Charles Hunter-Smyth, he was up the hill overlooking the village, in the McFarlane's home, helping mayor Nicholas with the village's accounts. It's been tiring, but as he writes down the last number in his notes, he feels quite accomplished.
"Thank you so much for your help once again, Charles" says Nicholas, smiling. "I know it must be hard for you to help me with this after coming back from your work at the bank in the city".
"It's no trouble at all, Mr McFarlane. It really isn't, and the least I can do to help after the warm welcome everyone has given me and my family in this village".
"Do call me Nicholas please, or even Nick" The mayor's smile widens. "Now that everything's finished for now, what do you say to paying a visit to Wilbur Robinson at The Blackcurrant Bush?"
"Uh?" answers Charles, puzzled. The name does ring a bell, and he knows who Wilbur Robinson is, but other than that he has no idea what that place could be.
"You really are new in town!" says Nicholas, laughing and getting up from his chair. "In Arcfield, it's almost mandatory to visit The Blackcurrant Bush every Friday evening! Come on, let's go together".

It turns out that The Blackcurrant Bush is the village's pub, owned by the Robinsons. Charles and Nicholas enjoy a beer together while chatting with the owner, Wilbur, who's quite friendly and seems to know quite a lot of jokes! 

"Now that you know about my place, Charles, I hope to see you around! By next week I'll be able to treat you to a cup of our special blackcurrant wine!"
"I'll make sure not to miss it, Wilbur!" says Charles, feeling quite contented.
"You know what? You should come visit my place on Sunday with your family. Fliss loves having guests for lunch, and we haven't treated you yet".
"Oh, that's very kind of you, but I wouldn't want to intrude..."
"I wouldn't miss Fliss' home cooking if I were you, Charles!" says Nicholas, smiling. Wilbur smiles as well.
"I insist. Please come see us, we'll have a good time!".
"Alright then" Charles finally agrees, feeling once again that he made the right decision in moving to the countryside with his family.

It's Sunday, and, as promised, the Hunter-Smyths come visit the Robinsons at their home. Fliss is ecstatic to have guests! She loves cooking for friends, and she hasn't had the opportunity to chat with Camilla very much yet other than the usual polite greeting on the street.

"Oh, Fliss, you have such a lovely home! It's so cosy and welcoming!"

 The men also make themselves comfortable.

"Here Charles, let's have a drink together this time!".

Much to everyone's relief, the babies are getting along like a house on fire!
I'm a bit afraid of little Cali making the triplets into her personal army, though. :D

 Isabella is all smiles while chatting to Frances upstairs.
"Oh, Frances, you have such a lovely bedroom! I do love your vanity table!".
"Oh, thank you..."
As Isabella proceeds to "ooooh" and "aaah" at the different brands of cosmetics Frances owns, they find an unexpected shared interest on such things! Frances also finds out that Isabella is quite well-read herself, as she's quite studious, and they spend a nice time chatting about their favourite stories.

In the meantime, poor Hector is content to enjoy the view out the balcony! He's secretly glad he was able to escape the girls' conversation!

Fliss has finished making the stew. Doesn't it look delicious? Everyone's helping to set the table. After that, they all enjoyed the delicious meal together. Isabella even ate most of her vegetables, even though she is not a fan at all!

I think the Hunter-Smyths are settling into the village quite well, wouldn't you agree? :)

Hope you enjoyed this little story!
I also took this opportunity to add the Hunter-Smyth's biographies to the Families page.

Thanks for visiting and reading!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

June Calendar Picture

Hi everyone!

It is the first of June, and I'm back with the picture for this month in the official SF Calendar.

I quite like this picture! Even though here in Spain the weather is definitely getting warmer, as summer approaches, we have an overcast and rainy picture in the calendar. This is not surprising, as in Japan it's the beginning of the rainy season. 

The picture is quite colourful in person, and the babies are adorable. I quite like it! I love their little raincoats and umbrellas, as well as the water effects in the puddle. The flowers are also quite pretty, and we can see the nursery bus in the background. Do you think the babies escaped to play in the rain, or did the bus driver let them out? 

We have Crème Chocolate here, of course!
I hope you're all doing OK and enjoying your Sylvanians. Isn't this a wholesome, relaxing hobby? When I first started collecting I was afraid my figures and buildings would just stay on display, collecting dust, but I've been doing quite a bit with them: photos, stories, even little crafting projects! It's been a year and eight months and my interest for Sylvanians is still going strong. :)

I've been purchasing baby band blind bags since I last told you about the two I had got: I bought two more (found a local store that sells them!) and was lucky enough to not get any repeats! I now also have the squirrel and the bear. :) So cute!

Have a great June!