Monday, April 20, 2020

The Chocolate Rabbit Challenge: The Rabbit in the Mirror

Hello everyone!

As you might have noticed by the lack of stories in my blog, I haven't been doing much with my Sylvanians this 2020. It's been a very difficult and pretty busy year for me so far, but I'm slowly trying to get back in the groove of things. I've missed all of the Creative Challenges in the forum so far, ack! I have a story idea that would cover a few of them at the same time, but it's quite the ambitious project and I haven't been feeling up to it yet. So when Terra posted the new contest, The Chocolate Rabbit Challenge, I was reminded of a story idea my wonderful boyfriend, Marcos, suggested to me quite a long time ago. 

And so, here is my first story of the year. And it's quite the strange one, too! Please, bear with me and don't take it too seriously...

Hope you enjoy it!

Freya Chocolate, as everyone in Arcfield who was acquainted with her knew, was a boisterous young rabbit. Her sweet smile and girly appearance and behaviour hid a mischievous personality that made her quite the troublemaker at times. Curious and inquisitive, she could often be found in the most unexpected of places, and, as her self-proclaimed rival, Fiorella Andes, often said, she "seemed to be everywhere!". Freya loved exploring the village and the areas surrounding it, often by herself, and since she could no longer be considered new in town (she had been living in Arcfield for more than a year now, after all), she pretty much already knew the place like the back of her hand.

She also had, of course, explored every corner of her family's new home, the nice and spacious three-story home they had moved into after staying with the McFarlanes for a while. There was, however, a place she never tired of prying in; her parents' bedroom. It was quite a mysterious place to her, with the solemn furniture made of dark wood, and she would frequently run up the stairs to it whenever her mother, Teri, got distracted. This was one of such occasions; Freya knew she was safe for now, as she could hear her mother's voice, happily talking to her baby siblings downstairs. She still had time to look around for a bit.

She loved looking through her parents' personal effects, opening the drawers, rummaging through them. She found some beautiful landscape photographs in the bedside table, and wondered where were they from. When had her parents ever gone on a trip together? She the thought that they might be postcards.
Were they from someone else, maybe? Her grandparents, possibly? They travelled a lot, after all. And if that was the case, why hadn't she received a postcard herself?

The writing desk was one of her favourite pieces of furniture in the room. It opened to reveal many small spaces full of little trinkets, everyday things in the world of adults that were peculiar treasures to her. She didn't want to mess with the things in there too much though, as most of them, several documents included, belonged to her father, Frasier. Even though she found her mother's raging exasperation quite inoffensive, her father's anger, rare as it was, manifested in a stern voice and severe demeanour that she didn't like dealing with one bit.

But the most important piece of furniture in the room, was, undoubtedly, the full-length mirror, because that was the place where Freya could speak to a very special friend of hers. 
She had been afraid, after her family had moved out from the village where she used to live, that she would never be able to speak to her friend again, as the original mirror where she had done so had been lost. Happily, her mother's new mirror worked just as well.

And so, she stood in front of it. The rabbit in the mirror stared at her for a moment. It was a rabbit girl, identical to her yet just a little bit different, who was wearing a ribbon identical to hers, the one Annabelle McFarlane had given her... but in the wrong ear. 

Freya smiled. The girl in the mirror did the same. And then spoke to her.

"Hello there, my little orchid!" she gave her an enthusiastic greeting with an impossibly sweet voice. "Oh, I missed you so! It has been so long since you last came to talk to me!"
"Hello, Frejolina" said Freya, still smiling. "I'm sorry, it's been difficult to come up here. Seems like someone is always here lately".
"Oh, please, stop calling me that! My name is Freya, you know that. Oh, I'm so glad Spring has finally come! What are you planning to do today? Go pick some flowers and make a lovely wreath for your mama, maybe?"
"We've already discussed this, Frejolina." Freya was no longer smiling and her voice was firm, which made her friend in the mirror flinch a little. "I'm Freya, so there's no way you can also be. And no, no flowers today. I was thinking of something more along the lines of mixing ground pepper in my mother's make-up powders. Can you imagine the face she'll make when she puts them on later?"

She was already smiling maliciously at the idea, but Frejolina just stared at her in horror and began flailing her arms around in a panic.

"Oh no, but you can't do that! Your poor mama! That's a terrible thought! I think it'd be better if you go help the Waters with their garden, don't you think? You can even plant some extra flowers, or even strawberries! Think of how yummy they'll be when summer comes! Or you can ask your papa to teach you how to make some delicious chocolate treats, and then you can give them as presents to your friends! Aren't those good ideas? Oh, just think of how happy your bestest friends, Annabelle and Frances, will be! You can even give some to Fiorella, that way you'll surely become closer!"

Despite her cheery tone, Frejolina was speaking very fast and sounding quite panicked. Freya blinked slowly and just looked at her.
"Eh? Fiorella Andes, you mean? Aren't we friends already? Anyway, I don't feel like working in nobody's garden, thank you very much, and about the chocolates..."
She seemed to be thinking about it, so Frejolina smiled desperately, one of her eyes slightly twitching.
"Yes, yes, go make some sweets with your papa! Isn't that the best idea ever? He'll be so happy to spend time with you, and then..."
"And then, I can put a little something special in the sweets... And give them to my dearest brother. Yes, what a lovely idea, Frejolina! I'll do just that today! Oh, Coco is in for quite a treat!"

Freya giggled with glee, and though she was smiling widely and sweetly, there was once again a devilish flicker in her eyes.

"Noooo...!" exclaimed, in anguish, the rabbit girl in the mirror. But as Teri's steps could be heard coming up into the room, her voice vanished all of a sudden.
Freya quickly turned around and smiled brightly at her mother and younger sister, who had just entered the room.

"Freya, dear, what are you doing up here?" Teri's voice held a slight tint of suspicion. She looked around the room warily. She was painfully aware of her daughter's usual antics, and she didn't feel like having one of them spoiling her good mood today.

"Oh, not much, mom! Just talking to Frejolina". Still smiling, Freya pointed at the mirror. "But I'm leaving now. I was thinking that I'll go help daddy with the chocolates today. Bye bye!

And then, waving innocently, she left the room without letting her mother slip in another word. 
Teri sighed, and looked at the mirror.

She was a bit concerned by the fact that Freya was still talking to this imaginary friend of hers in the mirror. She had been doing that ever since she had learned to talk, and Teri had always found the whole thing a little strange; she knew having imaginary friends wasn't unusual for young children, but... An imaginary friend that looked almost identical to her daughter and that she could only talk to through a specific full-lenght mirror...?
She had hoped Freya would grow out of it after moving to Arcfield, but apparently Teri's new mirror also worked to speak to Frejolina. 

Deep inside of her, though, she was kind of glad that her daughter was still young enough to believe in these kinds of things. Her little Freya was becoming more and more of a handful as she got older, so she found it somewhat endearing to still be able to find such innocence in her.
She decided not to worry about it all too much. After all, Frejolina was an imaginary friend, and nothing more.


...Or was she, dear readers?

The End!

Hope you enjoyed this strange and yet hopefully fun story! Please, don't take it too seriously. It's possibly not even canon (I had originally thought of writing it for Halloween, similar to The Simpson's Treehouse of Horror episodes, hehe), but I thought it could be a good match for the contest. :)

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sylvanian Families Exhibition in Spain (2019), Part 2

Hello everyone,

Today I bring you the second batch of pictures from the Sylvanian Families Exhibition which I had the chance to attend back in 2019.
I have looked through my pictures and I believe I will have for around four posts total. This is the second one.

For this post I selected the pictures showing a beautiful shopping street as well as a countryside/picnic area and the back of some of the buildings shown in the pictures in my first post.
Hope you enjoy them!

Here's a link to the first post, in case you missed it.

Thank you and have a great day!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

April Calendar Picture and collection pictures

Hello everyone,

I apologize for the lack of posts. I haven't been doing much with my Sylvanians recently, and if you're a member of the SF Collectors Forum, you probably already know that I unfortunately lost my beloved grandfather to coronavirus a few days ago.
His state seemed stable for a while, but ultimately worsened last week-end. The whole situation and circumstances have been very hard to deal with.
I'm doing my best to keep working and doing things that might help. It might be a good idea to try and get back into playing with my Sylvanians and writing stories...
Please, please everyone, stay safe and healthy and take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Since it's beginning of the month once again, here's the picture for April in the official SF Calendar.

I like how there's a sunset in this picture, love the colours. Looks like the children and babies of the village are having fun in what looks like a fair. Freya and her friend Ralph are eating cotton candy, so adorable! As always, love their clothes. I liked seeing the pastel-coloured Candy Wagon at the background, as I've recently purchased it. The tiny candies it comes with are truly adorable.

Do you all like these fair attraction sets that have been coming out for babies recently? It looks like this year they're going to be releasing many theme-park-themed sets (attractions, and even a haunted house!). What's your opinion on those? I don't think I'm going to buy any, but I can see the appeal for their current target. I'm more partial to the style of the old sets from Tomy and Flair.


Even though, as I mentioned, I haven't been doing much with my Sylvanians lately, I did want to share some of the things I've been working on during the past few weeks.
At the beginning of the year I bought a second-hand Flair Cottage Hospital. Since it was missing most of the small accessories, I bough the current Country Nurse Set to complete it a bit. The building had a lot of stickers randomly placed at the top of the walls, near where the roof would be, and after removing them they left white-ish patches, so I decided to make a "wall border" to hide them. I think it turned out pretty well. :)
Huge thanks to Berna (Alcalá de Sylvanian) who sent me a couple of the big pieces I was missing! Also, please marvel at the coat rack drip, haha! One of my aunts, who collects Playmobil, has since got me a Playmobil drip but I still don't have it with me.


This building won't feature for a while in my stories, but you can be sure that doctor Andes will be delighted to finally have his own clinic. :)

More recently I have spent some time working on Camilla Hunter-Smyth's shoe and accessory shop. I had been wanting to work on this for a while, and I managed to finally get motivation to actually do it. I quite like the end result! Thank you once again to Berna, who sold me this versatile small building and suggested to build cardboard walls for the area missing actual walls. I will probably do that for when I actually take pictures for a story. I'm hoping to feature this building in a story in the near future. Hope you like it!


Finally, a few weeks ago I spent some time setting up my collection display space with figures and accessories. I wouldn't dare call it a diorama, but thought that maybe you all would enjoy seeing it. This is the "real" Arcfield, as it currently sits on my furniture!

As you can see, there's a Cozy Cottage that I've still to wallpaper and furnish. A future project!




Not the most interesting or perfect pictures, but I wanted to share some pictures of my village and what I've doing with my Sylvanians, even if it hasn't been much recently. Hope you liked them!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and stay safe, everyone.