Wednesday, February 9, 2022

February (and January) 2022 Calendar Picture!

Hello everyone!

We have already left the first month of the year behind, and here we are in February 2022.

I know I said that since I didn't have a calendar this year I would just upload some of my favourite pictures and update family biographies in my monthly posts, but I have a surprise for you all: I do have the official calendar now! My wonderful boyfriend, Marcos, got it for me during January. So I can now keep posting the monthly calendar pictures! 

Before posting the picture for February, I wanted to show you the calendar's cover as well as the pictures for December 2021 and January 2022. There's a fun game included with the calendar this year; for every picture (the cover included) there's objects and Sylvanians to find! I'll upload what you need to look for each month here as well. :)


December 2021:

January 2022:


 And February 2022:

Such lovely pictures so far! Very dynamic and full of details and Sylvanians interacting with each other. :)

For this month, looks like we have the ponies' hair salon. This image instantly made me feel happy, so much colour! My photos really don't do these pictures justice. I love the Persian cat relaxing in the background, hehe! And all the accessories in the table to the left as well.

What do you think about Serafina and her daughter Sally, will they be moving to your village? I must admit they are growing on me, although I'm not sure about the brushable hair, haha. I do love the blond braids Sally has on this month's picture though. I like the concept of a hair salon, but I wish the colours were more neutral. I do love pastel colours but it might be a bit too much for Arcfield, hehe!

I thought the new Persian cats were slowly starting to replace the Chocolates in the official pictures, but Freya and Crème still are in every one of these so far, haha!

I hope you have a wonderful month of February. Stay safe and healthy!