Saturday, May 30, 2020

A Party at the McFarlane's

Hello everyone!

The Spanish branch of Sylvanian Families has organised a contest to celebrate the brand's 35th Anniversary in Facebook and Instagram. They're going to pick five winners that not only will receive some very cool prizes, but will also be considered official ambassadors for the brand in Spain!

I haven't been setting up scenes or writing too much about my Sylvanians lately because of several reasons, but this contest inspired me to do something with the McFarlanes and Beechwood Hall, my first ever family and building respectively, since both are very special to me. And so, I decided to set up some scenes of the family celebrating a party at their home.

Because of lack of space, my Beechwood Hall was sitting empty and closed on the chest of drawers in my bedroom, and I must say that I had fun playing with it once again; I kept the furniture as before and added some more details (thank you Berna for the lovely rugs and extra items!). I even put batteries on it again to enjoy how it looks with them on at night. :) 
I have to say that I had a lot a fun posing the figures and working on my entry. I had missed Arcfield's residents!

You can see my entry on my Instagram, but I also wanted to post the pictures here, in my blog. Hope you enjoy them, even if there isn't an elaborate story this time.

The McFarlanes are very busy preparing the food and drinks they will be serving during the big party they're going to be holding at their home. Mayor Nicholas, his wife Elizabeth and his daughter Annabelle are working very hard so that everything turns out perfect; in the meantime, little Albie plays with his toy hot air balloon.

Everything is finally ready for the party! The big dining room table is full of delicious food and drinks for the guests.

The first ones, the Chocolates, have arrived. Teri Chocolate and Elizabeth have been friends ever since they were young, so they're always happy to see each other.
Seems like the Chocolates have brought a mysterious gift. What could it be?

While the rest of guests arrive, the Chocolate siblings Coco and Freya hang out with the McFarlane children in Annabelle's bedroom.

The Red Panda family is here! Wilbur and Fliss have brought a bottle of their homemade blackcurrant wine for everyone to enjoy at the party.

Everyone has arrived and the party is already at full swing. Everyone's enjoying the delicious food and drinks, and of course, the good company.

What are some of the children doing in the meantime? Oops, seems like the Hunter-Smyth triplets, Gerald, Thomas and Georgina, are jumping on the McFarlanes' bed!

...Oh no, and little ├ôscar Andes is playing with the toilet! 

(fun fact: I wasn't able to add this picture to the contest entry on IG since it's only possible to upload 10 photos at once. Consider it a blog exclusive! :D).

Mystery solved! The box the Chocolates brought contained a delicious homemade cake!

 After a good meal, it's time to rest for a bit. 
"Does anyone want coffee or tea?"

Everyone helps to tidy up, and to end the party, the table and chairs are taken out, the music is turned on, and it's time to dance!

Happy 35th Anniversary to Sylvanian Families! :)

Have a great week-end, everyone!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Sylvanian Families Exhibition in Spain (2019), Part 3

Hello everyone,

Today I bring you the third batch of pictures from the Sylvanian Families Exhibition which I had the chance to attend back in 2019.

For this post I will show you the beautiful beach and boardwalk diorama, as well as yet another seaside area with amazing buildings.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! I'd like to remind you that these dioramas weren't created by me, but by the amazing team members of the Spanish branch of Epoch and displayed in an exhibition in Valencia (Spain) last year.

Here's a couple of links for the first and second batch of pictures I posted, in case you want to see them!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Next time, for the final batch of pictures, I'll show you the gorgeous "Town" diorama. :)
Have a great rest of the week and stay safe and healthy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

May 2020 Calendar Picture

Hello everyone,

I'm a bit late this month, but here I am once again with the official picture for this month of May in this years' official SF Calendar.

This time we have a very cute picture: the newest Persian cats, in a lovely beige and pink room, watching the newborn kittens. I love the little details, such as the little toys and the drawings on the wall. So adorable!
And also, awwww, aren't those teeny tiny babies the cutest? I really like them, they've been releasing them for a few families now and they're really cute. I love the special crib with room for three! The only problem is that one can't do much for them, same problem as with the sitting or crawling babies. Still adorable, though!

I like how in this new family the mom, dad and children are different colours! Reminds me of the Tuxedo family, which I adore.

Speaking of Tuxedo cats and teeny babies, have you seen the newest family of completely black cats?

Aren't they the coolest? The tiny baby fits in the hat! :D 
They look like magicians or circus performers, with their colourful outfits and magenta markings. Although these features are part of their charm, I wasn't sure if I would be buying them, as I believe they also make them not very versatile... But they keep growing on me, not sure if I will be able to resist them once they make their way to the shops here, hehe!

How do you feel about this family? Do you like them? :)

I hope you're all doing okay in these difficult times. Here in Spain we are now allowed to go out for walks at certain times of the day, so it's already something. The cabin fever was really getting to me at times. Please, stay safe and healthy!

Have a great rest of the week!